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Moving with Cats

Dear Readers,
This week I’m bringing you a short piece about our lives, a bit of a behind the scenes. You see a year ago we moved from Blackpool to Glasgow, with 1 van and 2 cats. The first reaction we tend to get when we say we drove tree to three and a half hours with cats on our laps (in their carry cases) is “Oh god how did you manage that?”, followed by “We’re they trouble? Did they make a lot of noise?”. And the truth is that…
No. They weren’t trouble. Not in the slightest.
So I thought I’d tell you what happened and how we did it.

Packing up

We packed most of our stuff in a week, moving it into the back room and stacking it there, both so we wouldn’t end up with boxes in every room and to stop the cats from being able to cause any trouble (climbing into them, risking knocking them over etc. The cats enjoyed watching us pack up and liked exploring the empty boxes. They weren’t too shocked by all this as we did it bit by bit, trying to make this as un-traumatic as possible. We left the bedroom (where they sleep with us) until last as that was going to be the most dramatic change for them. As you can see Bandit enjoyed exploring the toys but I think it was at this point that he realised something was going on.

On the day

We left our essentials (toothbrushes etc.) and theirs until the last day. We left a litterbox, carry boxes, blankets, drinks bowel and some food out for them, as well as a couple of small toys. We locked them in the now empty bedroom with all of this while we loaded up the van to make sure there was no risk of them being spooked and running out of the front door.
When we were all packed up and ready to go we loaded up the cats. As we keep their carry cases out at all times and the cats are used to hopping into them to sleep or hide from one another, it wasn’t difficult to motion them into their cases. Then we carried them into the van and sat them on our laps. I’d planned to put their fluffy blankets in with them with a spray of the calming spray on them but the blankets were too big so instead I put a bit of spray on their toys and put them in the carry cases with them. The spray stank, it smelt of feet! But it did seem to help a little although they still meowed when the engine started and we thought “Oh no! Three hours of this!” But as soon as we turned their crates so they could see out of the window  they calmed down. And that was how we did the whole trip, with them sat on our laps (we had a driver don’t worry) looking out of the window, completely calm.

Settling in

Hiding out in their new home

We did the reverse when we got to our new place, locking them in a room (my future office) with their necessities and keeping that door shut as we ferried things backwards and forwards and then keeping them out of the living room which was now full of boxes.
We made a point to keep stuff with their scent around the new place to make them feel at ease and to help acclimatise quicker.
I think they liked the new place and they settled in quickly.

Our travel checklist

So in brief we kept:

  • 1 water bowel
  • 2 toys/blankets
  • 2 carry cases (that the cats are used to)
  • litter box
  • calming spray
  • pack treats if your cats would eat them (ours won’t when they’re stressed)

Hope you found this interesting, I thought it appropriate as a sort of anniversary of our move.

I will see you next week for another post, until then I hope you have a great week!
See you soon!
Lifelong Scribe

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