The Devil you know (Videos and Notes)

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This post is a compilation of the video series I did for my YouTube channel and also additional notes that I couldn’t fit in the video as well as my bibliography that I used in the dissertation this video was based on so you can go and check out if you’re interested in knowing any more.


There are 6 videos in this series, each one covering a different ‘era’ or giving some important information. The videos are as follows:

  • Disclaimer
    Before we begin I want to reiterate the disclaimer that I put at the beginning of my video:
    “This video is made for educational purposes only. It aims to show that humanity’s perception of the Devil, his appearance, powers and influence, is tied up with our own culture, struggles and world-view.
    It is not a discussion on if the Christian Devil is real. Of for that matter if religion is real.
    Please be respectful of other beliefs and keep the comments clean.
    Thank you.”

  • Introduction
    So what is the aim of this series? What am I trying to show?
    I’ll be looking at images of the Devil from biblical times to the present day and showing how the image of the Devil (the way he is perceived) and what humanity is experiencing (learning, fearing) are strongly tied together.

  • How God created Satan
    What was it that brought about the Devil? What need arose for him to fill and how is that tied in with the very nature of the Abrahamic God?
  • From Accuser to Adversary
    How did his role change from working for God to something else?

  • Becoming a force to be reckoned with
    How did the Devil’s power grow? What social events helped this along? What roles did he play?

  • Losing hold and returning to paper?
    So why aren’t we all terrified of him as much now? What changed and where did he go?

You can watch the full playlist here:

Extra Notes and Answering Questions:

  • As I mentioned in one of my slides for Episode 3: Becoming a force to be reckoned with, I couldn’t actually find a picture of the painting (I presume) described by Robert Muchembled in his book “A History of the Devil” on p.26:
    “The majesty of the ruler of hell was most clearly stated in the fifteenth century. In 1456, the homage of Theophilus to the devil showed the latter on a throne set on a platform, crowned, sceptre in hand, clothed in princely white and surrounded by councillors equally richly arrayed. But their demonic faces and Satan’s animal hooves indicate that appearances can be deceptive.”
    I have looked on numerous occasions but haven’t as yet found it because he gives no painting title or reference. This is frustrating.
    This has been published in academic works and doesn’t seem to have been questioned so I presume it is accurate. It is possible the work referenced is in a private collection and there are no photographs available to the public.
    However I thought this was worth noting for transparency’s sake.
    Also if you know the piece or have any information about it, please let me know.
    Side note: This image kept coming up when I searched for the aforementioned piece but as you can see it is vastly different.
  • The Devil you Know ends just shy of the present day and does not deal with any cults because I may touch upon those as part of a discussion or later series. As such I do not look into satanist groups or even our current ideas and images of evil. This was a deliberate choice on my part.


I know this is massive (that’s University work for you though) so I don’t expect anyone to go through it all but that’s not what it’s for, it’s just here so if you are interested and can get hold of any of these you can check out some of the same resources I did and read around the topic if you really want.

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