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Hello my Dear Dreamers!
It’s early in the year and I’m busy working away on my story so I thought I’d start things off here with a little recap of sorts. If you’ve missed any of my travel videos, fear not I’ve gathered them all here. Below are all the ‘trailers’ I did over on Youtube, just something to give a bit of a sense of the place. Now you can watch them all right here if you so choose.
And if you’re interested in reading about my experiences in all these places (what I thought of them, if it inspired anything or influenced any of my writing) I’ve linked all the blog posts below too!

So here, without further ado, are the videos:

And here are the articles for anyone who wants a bit of a read about my experiences:

Of course if you have any comments or questions it’s always nice to hear from you. Have you travelled much? Favourite experience? Question about something I said? Go for it!

Well I’m off to wrangle more of my office and recording technology into working order.

See you soon!
Lifelong Scribe

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