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Bringing our cats home

Hello my Dear Dreamers,

This week we’re looking at our cats and specifically when we first brought them into our home.
We now have two cats: Ember our first cat, a female tortoiseshell cat that we adopted from a kitten; and Bandit, a black and white tuxedo male who we got when he was 3-4 months old.

Here are the videos of us bringing them home and settling them in.


We got Ember first and this is a short video of us bringing her home and her settling in. Obviously she was an ‘only child’ so there was no other animal to acclimatise her to but as we were sharing the house she only had the run of the rooms we did. She seemed to like them though and settled in quickly.


We got Bandit when Ember was almost 1 and he was a few months old. We got him from a rescue shelter as he’d been ‘dumped’ there by his previous owner. He was super affectionate and needy but also a nervous and unsure. This is how he and Ember met and how it went:

So there you have it. How they met.

I can assure you now that Bandit is not in the least bit frightened of Ember and can be a little terror if his energy isn’t drained enough with us playing with him. Ember is her usual potato self but has affectionate moments and seems to actually be learning how to cat from Bandit.
All in all we’re a happy little family.
Especially once we’d moved into our own place. They love it here!

That’s all from me for now.
Speak soon!

Lifelong Scribe

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