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Kitten videos compilation

Hello Dear Dreamers,

Just another recap blog this week compiling a lot of the Cat/kitten related videos I’ve been uploading on Youtube.

Kitten cuddle time…

In which we show just how soft our cats are and how obsessed with cuddles they really are:

Kitten Therapy…

This is a simply a video of Ember as a little kitten being adorably cute. So if you’re having a bad day, take a moment, get a cup of tea, and watch a kitten:

Cats see the paranormal…

Because we certainly couldn’t see what they were freaked out about!


In which the cats get Christmas and Birthday presents and we filmed their overexcited reactions:

Blankies are the best…

In which I wrote and sang (in their ‘voices’) a daft song expressing the cats love for blankets to accompany the numerous pictures of them going mad for soft fuzzy things:

Totally normal

In which I give you irrefutable, reassuring evidence that the cats are indeed, totally normal… we promise…

Well that’s all of them for now. I hope you found some of these funny/entertaining. Which was your favourite? Do you have cats and if so do they act like this?

Hope you are all having a lovely week!
See you soon!

Lifelong Scribe

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