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Art: A Chat Gallery

Here is the collection of all of the drawings featured in the Art: A Chat playlist.

Art A chat episode 1: Chatting About My Old Art

This collection features some of my oldest drawings (minus the skull) and has probably the most consistently themed collection of drawings outside those directly linked to stories.
I was drawing a lot when I was first getting interested in writing and was doing a lot of reading and research about demons, religion, myths etc. I think it kinda shows in the amount of demonic and death related images but with my usual twist: i.e. that the scary thing isn’t as bad as it looks.

Episode 2: My Ink Drawings (Weird and Fun!)

In this video I tried to talk a bit about the ‘ink phase’ of my drawings and a bit about how I did it.
I started off drawing in pencil and never felt that confident with colour drawing so it felt quite natural to transition to black ink pen even thought the process actually changed quite a lot. Even within my ink style I tried many different approaches.
I had a lot of fun with this! So much so that I’d find it hard to choose between pencil and ink.

Ep 3: My Pencil Drawings

This section is rather self-explanatory but what I wanted to point out in this video was the vastly different styles: from the tower (a very early, very badly drawn piece with no details) to the Angel (detailed, well shaded etc.) to show progress. Also I wanted to show experimentation (such as the scenery which was completely free hand).
The main thing in art is to have fun I think and you’ll improve more by doing that than studying it hard but hating it. I think these drawings show that.

Ep 4: I drew in Colour! (Can you Believe it?)

As I’d spent so long showing pencil and ink drawings I think it was high time I showed some of my colored drawings… and the weirdness that they encompassed.

Ep 5: Actually Proud of these (part 1 and 2)

In this video I talked about some of the previous drawings which, strange or not, good or not, I was still proud of and why. Here however I have only included the as of yet unseen drawings, all three of which I think turned out really well.

Ep 6: Manga-style trial (part 1 and 2)

Well the manga craze crashed over my school as much as anyone else’s and I enjoyed reading a few so I tried my hand at the style… with mixed results.
However I did learn a few cool things from it including pros and cons of the style so it wasn’t wasted time though it’s not a style I would want to constrain myself too as I want to find my own way of drawing.

Ep 7: WTF drawings (alternative title: my nightmare fuel!)

These were drawings that I’d done in a different-than-usual style or where I’d been trying something new and they simply didn’t turn out well… not well at all…
I’ve also included a few of my practice drawings to show that, while practice equals perfect, it certainly doesn’t early on!

Ep 8: Book related art! 😀

So this is a small selection of story art. For which stories are ongoing and which have currently been shelved you’ll have to watch the video. But here’s a small, miscellaneous collection of my art:

Well there you are, all my art so far. I hope you enjoyed this little series.

I will see you again for some story related stuff soon.
Bye for now!

Lifelong Scribe

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