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What’s all this about then? (What you can find on this blog)

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’m Lifelong Scribe and I’ve been writing stories for most of my life. I’m now working towards sharing my stories with you (via Podcasts, Videos, Art and more) as well as working on a podcast series called Scribe & Dagger where we generally ‘nerd out’ (more on both of these below).

How this blog works

Two different sides to this blog but both pertain to storytelling and having fun doing so however both are different in style and can be found under the headings of:

  • My world and Stories
  • Scribe & Dagger

My wold and stories (Lifelong Scribe)

Everything in this section is mine (Lifelong Scribe).

This is all my own work and pertains to my stories, my writing, characters etc. You can find all my origional work under the “My World and Stories” sections.
My stories are are mostly ‘science-fantasy’/’fantasy with a twist’ in style and span a range of worlds, races and times.

(I also write about more general stuff, things that interest me, my opinions or things I want to share under the “Articles” tab

Scribe & Dagger

  • Scribe and Dagger: This is where you can find everything relating to the stories me and Dagger create and tell using game frameworks to do so (including, but not necessarily limited to, D&D). While the mechanics (e.g. dice rolls, spells etc) and world of D&D (e.g. races and classes) belong to Wizards of the Coast, the setting and characters we are playing in or with are our own creation. We enjoy telling stories and are using these mechanics to add a bit of unpredictability to the stories we are telling. 
    This is all shared via our podcast which you can find here and on this blog you can find out all about the characters and the world they inhabit.

For more about us check out the About Page.

Lifelong Scribe

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