What is this place?

Well well well, you’ve found my blog.
Congratulations and a heartfelt welcome are in order to you story seeker…
Unless you stumbled here by accident in which case you might be quite confused. What is this strange land? Who are these odd characters? And generally just what is going on? Well, newcomer, maybe we can make you a novice to our storytelling ways with this little introduction…

What is this place & What can you find here?

This is my blog and I am Lifelong Scribe. This is where you can find more information about the stories we are telling as well as the characters, races and places featured in them. You’ll notice the blog is divided in to sections, each is slightly different but shares storytelling as it’s main theme:

“we’re all about telling stories and having fun.”

My World and Stories:

This is all my own, original work and pertains to my stories, my writing, characters etc.
My stories are are mostly ‘science-fantasy’/’fantasy with a twist’ in style and span a range of worlds, races and times.

Scribe and Dagger:

This is a podcast created with Dagger in which we use D&D game mechanics to help us tell interesting stories, we play the games and then I write them up as a story and deliver them as a podcast.

This section is where you can find everything relating to the stories me and Dagger are creating.

Note: While the mechanics (e.g. dice rolls, spells, races and classes) are D&D and so belong to Wizards of the Coast, the setting we are playing in and the characters we create are our own.

We enjoy telling stories and are using these mechanics to add a bit of unpredictability to them, as such the mechanics are there to serve the narrative only.


This is where I sometimes write about more general stuff, things that interest me (e.g. mythology, my cats etc.). So if you want to try something a little different this might be a good section to check out.


This is my schedule for publishing new content (something of a theoretical thing at the moment).


You can also find links to all of our social media in the sidebars and by clicking on the links below. You can find us on: Facebook; Instagram; Youtube; Itunes; DeviantArt; Tumblr and Twitter.

Who are we?

So here’s a quick intro to who we are:

Lifelong Scribe.

I’m passionate (others say obsessed) about writing and telling stories and seem to have always been jotting down notes, typing up stories and doodling when I should have been studying for as far back as I can remember.
I always wanted to do this as a job but I’d been told to keep it as a hobby as it’s not a ‘safe bet’ for work; I dutifully went to University (right up to Master’s Level); and then tried to venture out into the ‘real world’ as the real world decided to go tits up.
So now I’m following my passion. I’m writing my stories and working towards sharing them with you (via Podcasts, Videos, Art and more) as well as working on Scribe & Dagger to share some fun stories right now!


My co-creator on Scribe & Dagger. He’s the DM of our first story (Morgan & Marcus). He likes martial arts, video games and history and both of us are ‘parents’ to Ember and Bandit.

Ember & Bandit aka “the kids”

Ember and Bandit are our two cats. Ember is a female tortoiseshell with a very odd personality and Bandit is a male black and white who is super needy and affectionate.

Philosophy of Lifelong Scribe’s World

I’ve always wanted to write/tell stories to entertain people, to share what I see, to make people happy and to tell a story that needs telling.
My stories are strange and fantastical. They are stories that I hope will entertain you, make you think, make you laugh and maybe even cry, stories that will bring you to a whole different world.
This is my invitation to you to come into my world, to leave reality behind for a while, to discover something new.
So get comfy, I have lots of stories to tell…

Philosophy of Scribe & Dagger

Our aim here is to create a fun set of stories. What started out as a way to entertain and cheer ourselves up during these mad few years is evolving in to something we want to share with you to hopefully entertain and cheer you up also.
If you like the sound of fun, adventure, Wizards, magic, friendship and war then check out this podcast and join us in our adventure.

Onwards! To adventure!

Lifelong Scribe (whenever she has the excuse to say so)

Well I think that’s everything. Now you’ve been introduced to this place, its ethos and what we are doing I hope you’ll stick around and explore, enjoy and be entertained.

Welcome to our strange little worlds.

Happy listening,

Lifelong Scribe

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