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2021 Goals? (Writing, Blogging, Art and Podcasting This Year)

So 2020 was a year… And now we’re in 2021.
In some ways it feels like things haven’t changed. Writing this from Scotland we’re still in lockdown and currently still have a fair amount of restrictions in place (they’re needed, that’s fine!) but as such it doesn’t overly feel like a ‘New Year’ more just a year that happens to have some new numbers if you know what I mean.
It feels like Time.
Ever ongoing Time.
Part of that is me and my ADHD, time is a slippery, tricksy thing I’ve never really got the hang of at the best of times but it’s been harder this last year with little to no real difference between the days, weeks and months. Another compounding factor to my sense of timeless floatyness (great choice of words for a writer there!) is that my partner Dagger works ever changing shifts which can vary from day to day (e.g. 8am start one day 10.15 the next + sometimes Mon-Friday sometimes he’ll have Thursday and Sunday off instead). It doesn’t help with a sense of time…

But this gets old and I have things to do!
Stories to share! Skills to learn (or re-learn)!
So I’m going to do something about it!

This year I’m going to do my utmost to get stuff out into the world.
Now I’m not good at goals or at knowing how long things will take so part of this year will be a learning process but I’m sharing this here partially as a reminder/motivation to myself and partially as accountability (if more people know I might just have to stick to it!).

So here’s what I have planned, a calendar for Lifelong Scribe as a whole and my sub-project Scribe & Dagger.


I’m mostly just writing drafts at the moment, getting into a rhythm, learning how many words a day I can write CONSISTENLY without burning myself out for a week because I’ve written 13,000 one day and now my eyes are bleeding! You know, normal, day to day stuff.
I’m also starting on some research reading for some video/blog posts I want to do throughout the year and also remembering to read lots.


I think a lot of Feb will be the same as Jan but…
>Video Planning:
…I’ll be planning my videos as well as writing scripts.
>Art prep:
I’ll also be putting together something of an art program to follow as part of my aim this year is to get back into art. I want to do this to share concept art, character designs etc with you all but I’ve drawn so inconsistently the last 7+ years that I really need to sit down and study it. I’d like to begin art this month but I won’t be prepared in time I know it. Also I have a tablet HOPEFULLY coming but it’s coming from Germany and, you know, Brexit (blergh!).


If all goes well I will have at least 1 if not 2 story drafts either finished or substantially on their way to being done so…
I’ll hopefully be uploading a couple of videos and…
I want to make this ART MONTH. I work better when I focus on one or two things not jump around so I’ll be switching it up and learning to draw this month. You can look forward to a video on that and/or me sharing some of my art on social media (links). I’m also planning on releasing a few videos this month so keep your eyes on YT for that.


>Writing, Producing Videos and Art:
Self-explanatory really, I’ll want to keep the wheels turning on this side of things for the rest of the year.
>Review Progress:
I’ll probably review how things are going at this point and adjust accordingly but if it’s going well then I’ll be studying photography as well as writing this month. I’ll be releasing videos too. I don’t know if I’ll be podcasting yet. we’ll see.


>Writing, Producing Videos and Art:
Continuing this side of things.
>+(I’m not sure yet, this will depend on how things have gone so far.)


>Writing, Producing Videos and Art:
Just keep going, keep writing, keep producing and sharing things. (Continue this for the rest of the year)
>+(Same as May)


>Review Progress (again).
This is to make sure I’m keeping on track and also so I don’t plan too much and have no way of achieving it.)


>Audiobook/Podcast Published???:
I’d like to start sharing my stories around August but this is ‘penciled in’ at best. It depends on quite a bit such as how far ahead I am in the whole process I am.
At the moment my ‘scripts’/stories are still being written so it depends on how quickly I get through the writing process and can get them finalised. At the moment my process looks like this: Script > Draft > Final version > Review > Recording.


Haha this is WAY too far in advance for a plan!


Another one to figure out what to do for the rest of the year.


(Not sure yet)


>Audiobook/Podcast Published???:
If I haven’t managed to get things published by August then I’m hoping to get them published by now.
>+(Not sure yet)

So that’s my vague plan for this year. As you can see structure does drop off but that’s because I have no idea how far along I’ll be so I don’t want to promise too much or put too much pressure on myself but I still want some vague idea of what I’m aiming for.

Let’s see how this year turns out…

Lifelong Scribe

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