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My Life (Updates)

April Update: Necropolis trip, Video uploads and more!

It’s been a busy month and I feel like I’ve done loads! But at the same time it really feels like it’s flown by!


World building (Book Writing)

I’ve spent most of it word building for my books and I’m really making some headway which is nice. I’ve managed to solve a few puzzles and create a few more for myself but on the whole I really feel like I’m making progress with it.



I put out a few videos as well.

One was a bullet journal update where I go over the books I’ve read so far and a little about what I thought of them.
If you want ideas for a something like a reading journal but you’re intimidated by the idea of dedicating a full bullet journal to it, or want a simple, small layout for writing up your thoughts and feelings on the books you’ve ready maybe you’ll get some inspiration from my video:

The second video was just a chill little video, a ‘draw with me’ sort of video in which I showed one of my drawings being created in real time. It’s got some relaxing music on it and might be nice for some background if you are also creating art:


Day out!

We finally got on a day out! It feels like ages since the last time we got to go out so it was fun to have an excuse to get dressed up and leave the house.
We decided to go to the Necropolis in Glasgow. We’ve been meaning to go for ages but never got round to it. Now, finally, we did!
It looks really grey on the video, and to be fair it was, but even with the breeze it was quite warm so it’s not as grim as it might look!
It was actually a lot of fun wandering round and seeing both the sights and the view.

We’d been out for lunch before going to the Necropolis and afterwards we bought a few things and then went out for drinks.
It was a fun evening and helped by having my trusty earplugs on hand for when things got a bit noisy. This meant I was able to enjoy it more than I might otherwise have and stay out for longer! Win!

I put some more pictures from our trip up on Instagram (which I’ve linked below).


Other news

Health wise (metal and physical) I’ve not been great but I’m trying to soldier through it and figure things out. I’ve had some good days and some bad days. I think it would help if there was any form of actual support from my doctors here in Scotland but that’s (apparently) too much to ask so I’m left to figure things out on my own.
I have been trying some new workouts and going for walks whenever I can; it’s helping a little.
I’m also doing more art, both to try and combat feeling blue and to try and get better, so far I’m fairly happy with the stuff I’ve made.
I debated not putting this section in, but let’s be honest too much social media is all sunshine all the time, so it’s worth mentioning that some days are just a bit shite and that’s okay, that way if you’re having a shitty time you might see this and know you’re not alone. Big hugs to anyone who needs it!

Well that’s all from me,
I’m off to wrestle with my inner chaos and figure out what I’m doing next.
Until the next update,
See you soon!

(Lifelong Scribe)

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