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I’m Lifelong Scribe and I’ve been writing stories for most of my life. I’m now working towards sharing my stories with you (via Podcasts, Videos, Art and more) as well as working on a podcast series called Scribe & Dagger where we generally ‘nerd out’. 
For more information on these two different ‘sides’ to this website you can check out this handily pinned post here but basically one side is all my own work and the other is a podcast I run with Dagger in which we use game mechanics to help us tell interesting stories. 

On this blog you can expect to find:

  • Lifelong Scribe’s own work (My World and Stories)
  • Scribe & Dagger’s stuff (including maps, links and character info).
  • Links to all the places where we’re active online (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart, Tumblr, Spreaker)
  • Schedule: My schedule for publishing new content (something of a theoretical thing at the moment).
  • Articles: Stuff I want to share, things I’m interested in writing about etc. (and the odd cat related post)
  • As well as Galleries (both for Lifelong Scribe and Scribe & Dagger) of my art (and favorites of any you submit)


Lifelong Scribe

I seem to have always been jotting down notes, typing up stories and doodling when I should have been studying.
I’d been told to keep it as a hobby as it’s not a ‘safe bet’ for work; I dutifully went to University (right up to Master’s Level); and then tried to venture out into the ‘real world’ as the real world decided to go tits up.
So now I’m following my passion.

I’ve always wanted to write stories to entertain people, tell a story that needs telling and make people happy and now this blog (as well as my other social media) is my way of doing that and sharing them with you.

So if you like strange, fantastical stories –stories that will entertain you, make you think, make you laugh and maybe even cry, stories that will bring you to a whole different world –then I invite you to come into my world and get comfy, I have lots of stories to tell…


My co-host on Scribe & Dagger. He likes martial arts, video games and history and both of us are ‘parents’ to…

Ember & Bandit (aka “the kids”)

  • Two sleepy cats curled up, Ember and Bandit

…Our two cats, Ember (tortoiseshell, female, right) and Bandit (black and white, male, left).

  • Ember as a kitten curled up on my lap

We got Ember in 2016 at 9 weeks old. She came to us via a friend of a friend. Our friend was getting a kitten and she showed us the photo and I squeed, just pure melted! I’d been wanting a cat for years! We were told there was one little kitten left from the litter and we could go and meet them if we wanted. We said yes and soon we were making our way to the friends friends house. I go into it more on this post but suffice to say we came away with her.
I’m glad we got her because her whole family (her brothers and sisters and her mum) were rescued off the street so it’s nice to get to give her a home.
She’s been with us ever since, moving all the way to Glasgow with us.
Her personality is… interesting. A feisty, at times irritating kitten, she calmed down a lot once she’d had her operation. Now a cat of 2 she is quite a passive creature, happy to know we’re near but not really a lap cat. She also goes through phases of being affectionate or really distant, of loving something and then absolutely hating/fearing it but really, throughout all this, she’s a big wimp who just wants stability (for example as I’ve worked from home her whole life she expects it and if I go out but Ben doesn’t it messes with her head.). All in all she’s our slightly autistic and very beautiful kitten, who’s blanket obsessed and always up for “Din dins”. We love our ‘first child’ very much

We got Bandit from a rescue shelter, he was estimated to be about 4 months but we think he might have been younger. He’d been a house pet but had been abandoned when he grew out of his ‘kitten phase’. We think he’d been doted on at times (as he’s very needy) but also ignored in all the crucial ways (as he has an obsession with food and was a real scrounger when we first got him). We adopted him when Ember was almost two and while she’s the eternal teenager of our house he’s very much the baby and is much more affectionate and needy on a daily basis. Also always up for a “treat!” or “Din Dins” and incapable of going to sleep until he’s had his nighttime cuddle, Bandit is our lovely baby boy and we also love him loads.

Well those are all the introductions done. You know know the whole crew and what you can find here.

We hope you’ll join us and enjoy our stories and strange little worlds…

Happy listening,

Lifelong Scribe

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