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Who am I then?

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Hi, I’m Robin aka Lifelong Scribe. I’ve called my blog Lifelong Scribe because, since as far back as I can remember, I’ve made up stories.
As a child I created stories in my head, played them out with toys or friends, told them to anyone that would listen or drifted away by myself in a dream. When I got a little older I doodled drawings of the characters, races and far away places I saw in my head on the back of worksheets and in the margins of homework that would never get handed in. As I got older still I’d space out completely during class (because school was dull and the best way to kill any interest in learning) and would instead write stories (which made it look like I was taking notes) or read up about concepts I wanted to understand for my stories. And once I got Word on an old computer I was away! I wrote and wrote and wrote!

I’m still writing now, the only thing that’s changed is I am finally focusing it into my primary goal and I’m being more systematic about the whole thing.
Partially because of the way I’ve grown up (having to learn a lot by myself) and partially because of my ADHD, Autism (Asperger’s) and chaotic life I’ve never had a ‘standard’ approach to writing or telling stories. (I might write more about my ‘process’ soon). However I’m currently in the process of streamlining everything I’ve written into a series of stories and worlds which I hope to share with you all one day.
Part of the reason I haven’t done this sooner is that I was one of the poor generation ‘encouraged’ to go to university (or be labelled a waste of space) but University was… let’s say ‘a journey with a disappointing ending’ and leave it at that. As such I didn’t have the time or mental energy to really figure out where I wanted to go with my writing, which everyone assured me could only ever be a hobby. Now however I am focusing on writing anyway because post-graduate jobs are a myth!

I currently live in Scotland with my two cats (Ember and Bandit) and my partner, Ben. All of them are supportive of my work, if somewhat begrudgingly at times(especially the cats when I won’t pet them right that instant because I’m working).

Why write stories? (The goal of Lifelong Scribe)

My reasons

  • I write stories because I can’t help it. They’re my hyperfocus, my passion/ special interest (my obsession my partner might say). I have characters, scenes, story ideas and concepts all vying for attention and ignoring them just further clutters up my mind and makes me miserable.
  • Another reason I write is because I’ve always wanted to entertain people, to hopefully bring them something interesting to think about or make them happy, I want to share what I see and tell stories that I feel need to be told.
  • In a similar vein part of the reason I write the way I do and the sort of stories I do is because I felt there was something of a gap for the sort of stories and characters I was instinctively looking for, so that I’ve always found myself struggling to find books, characters and stories that I ‘chime’ with. I’m sure there are others that would feel the same way so maybe you’re a bit like me and maybe you’ll like what I write.

In short:

We’re all about telling stories, having fun and escaping the mundane to discover new worlds!

You can find out more about my stories under the Lifelong Scribe side of things here: LS Stories. & Everything Lifelong Scribe.

Other projects

My main side project at the moment is a series of stories I’m creating with Ben called the Scribe & Dagger project (or just Scribe & Dagger). This is also a series of stories but created slightly differently. However they have a similar goal: to entertain and tell good stories. We’re hoping to share them with you soon! You can find more about them here: S&D Stories.

You can also find out a bit more about me, my life, pets, side interests etc. under the Updates & Articles sections. Look at the My Life section for general stuff and the ADHD & Autism section for things I’ve written specifically about that side of things.

And with all that said, I need to get back to creating stories! Bye for now!

Robin / Lifelong Scribe

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