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If you’re new to this blog then I’m Lifelong Scribe, a sci-fi fantasy/fantasy writer and podcaster. I’m currently writing several stories, those that are the closest to being finished will have a short blurb below if you want to a sneak peek at them.
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The stories so far…

Chi-Born (working title)

Tabatha, a young Hunter and the Chi-Born male she has pursued and finally arrested are travelling on a train back to the capital to submit him to the courts but things are about to go so very far off course for Tabatha and her captive when the train is attacked and she has to decide if she can put aside her hatred for him and work together to stop a worse fate…

Satan Series (working title of series)

In a secret laboratory a strange Creature wakes up in a tank, the Scientists that had created it peering in. It knows nothing other than one word, a name: Satan, which it takes as Its own.
Satan’s creators have a plan for him but he’s not too sure he wants to conform to it, in fact he wants freedom. On top of that there seems to be a lot that doesn’t add up in the stories they tell him.
Will Satan find the answers he is looking for, discover the truth and gain his freedom? Will he survive the Scientists designs for him and his kind or will he die in the Camp?

Where can you find out more?

At the moment I am writing these and many other stories but if you want previews, art, discussions and general stuff related to the worlds I write about you can find me on:

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