S&D Stories

What is Scribe & Dagger and how does it work?

Scribe & Dagger stories are a collaborative storytelling work between me (Lifelong Scribe) and Dagger. It started as a way to not go mad during lockdown and is still going. The way it works is essentially that we play a collection of D&D campaigns run by Dagger which I then take and write up into a story. Eventually we hope to share these via podcast/audiobook or some other suitable means.

Now it’s important to note a few things:

  • Our focus is on telling a good story (and not going mad during quarantine) and to transform this story we have come up with together into something we can share with all of you (and hopefully entertain you with).
  • While the mechanics (dice rolls, most of the spells, some of the races and classes) are D&D and so belong to Wizards of the Coast, the setting, characters, some races and even the way some spells work have been tweaked or are all our own. We are simply using D&D mechanics to create an element of randomness and unpredictability in the stories we are creating as well as a way of being able to organise what we are doing, create challenges etc.

What started out as a way to entertain and cheer ourselves up during these mad few years is evolving in to something we want to share with you to hopefully entertain and cheer you up also. So if you like the sound of mad adventures, wizards, magic, friendship, battles and brawls then keep an eye out for our stories and join us in our adventures.

Onwards! To adventure!

Want to follow along?

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